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Beardie Bob's Bearded Dragon

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Available Dragons
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Take a look at the dragons we have available.

Pheobe x Mike hatchlings

Click on the pictures to see them in full size. We had a tail biter in this clutch. More Pheobe X Mike babies hatched the first week of August. Below are the nips we have left. All Prices are plus shipping. Local pickup would be the price marked.

These babies should have a very nice red/orange color to them after a few sheds, and hopefully Dad's giant size! They should be available for shipping around 08/15/08 so make your reservations now.

#1 Probably Male SOLD


#2 Huge Pig of a dragon - probably female (tail nip) $50


#4 Brilliant orange dragon. Always fired up. (tail nip) $125


#5 not as bright as others (tail and toe nip) $25


#6 Runt probably yellow - (tail and toe nip) $25


#7 Huge pig of a dragon. Very smooth backed. (tail nip) $75


Crappy X Mike Hatchlings
These babies should have a nice light color with heavy reds and yellows. Very light babies hatched the first week of august. Only a few will be available.
$75.00 + shipping

If interested in a new baby bearded dragon please email us at :

Beardie Bob's Bearded Dragons, Pittsburgh, PA,