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Ladies First!


Say hi to Pheobe our sweet beauty of a female dragon. She is 18 1/2 inches and a cross of desert red and orange sandfire. She is the granddaughter of the famous scar. She had breed wonderfully for us and her first clutch looks very promising.


This is Crappy. We are not sure of her ancestry however she is a lovely pet and my wifes favorite. She fires to nearly white and with a yellow head so we believe she is pastel. As a baby she was very green and it all faded to yellow. She is 18 inches long and the dominant dragon at our home.


This is Mike he is a massive 24 1/2 inch dragon that is a crawly red and hi yellow cross. We are very excited to see his babies grow! He fires to a very nice red from head to toe, and loves the ladies like no other.


Our dragons snuggling up for a nap.


Beardie Bob's Bearded Dragons, Pittsburgh, PA,